Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun

Henrik Ibsen A New Biography

Henry Miller A Life

The Short Sharp Life of T. E. Hulme

Life Lessons from Kierkegard

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[Robert Ferguson] communicates strongly his enthusiasm, indeed his love, for this Manichean of the north, and writes of him beautifully ...If the six books in the Life Lessons series can teach even a few readers to pay passionate heed to the world - to notice things they will have been an unquestionable success.

John Banville in Prospect

Ferguson writes well about Kierkegaard's claim that we sleepwalk through our days, which is truer than ever now that we are insulated and pacified by our battery of electronic comforters; surrounded by a "cacophony of digital sound and wind". We are in danger, Ferguson warns, of living virtual lives.

Peter Conrad in The Guardian


The Hammer and the Cross - a history of the vikings

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Intriguing ...the intellecual rewards are plentiful...Provides a significant deepening of our knowledge of the Viking Age

Kirkus Reviews

The reasons for the great Viking outreach, the slow and confusing Scandinavian encounter with the arrival of Christianity, and the slow death of the Viking project are all here in this brave, engaging book

Jonathan Wright in The Tablet

Intricate and thoughtful ...a gripping account

Dan Jones in The Times